The Last Kingdom: Alexander Dreymon reveals what everyone suspected about Uhtred


The Last Kingdom, the historical drama inspired by the literary saga written by Bernad Cornwell, The Saxon Stories, reached its conclusion through the Netflix streaming platform after 5 seasons narrating the adventures of the warrior Uhtred of Bebbenburg, an extraordinary character played by Alexander Dreymon since the series began shooting in 2014.

The first time fans saw Uhtred of Bebbanburg was in 2015 when The Last Kingdom premiered on the BBC. A character, whose story shows that he had a rough childhood after his uncle murdered his father and took away the Saxon kingdom that belongs to him.

In The Last Kingdom, fans witnessed Uhtred as a young boy taken from his homeland and sold into slavery to the Vikings. Fortunately, these warriors raised him like a son, earning Ragnar’s protection and admiration. However, things got tough for the character when they decided that he should battle against the home that saw him born.

Throughout the 5 seasons of The Last Kingdom, fans of the hit show have been hooked on this riveting story, not only because of its narrative, but also because of the quality of portrayal of each of its characters, including Uhtred. A role with which Alexander Dreymon got fully into the hearts of the spectators.

The truth is that The Last Kingdom may have ended on Netflix after adapting a part of the Bernard Cornwell saga. The rest of the work will be narrated through the film “The Seven Kings Must Die”, whose filming ended at the end of March, when Alexander Dreymon said goodbye to the character he had given life to since 2015.

Alexander Dreymon, in the role of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, is torn between two factions. The actor recently revealed that he identifies with his character, admitting that he always feels like the foreigner. The Last Kingdom actor, in a recent interview with Muscle and Fitness while talking about his character, was asked why Uhtred likes him and revealed that he identifies with the warrior because he grew up in various parts of the world.

“I identify with him because I grew up in many different places, and I always feel like the foreigner, and I think it’s the same for him. He always has to fight to prove himself.”

Importantly, Alexander Dreymon was born in Germany, but grew up in France, Switzerland, and the United States. His studies were carried out in Paris and he trained as an actor at the Drama Center in London. The interpreter of Uhtred, he has several credits to his credit, his most recent role being the one that fans met in the Netflix series.