The Last Kingdom: Alexander Dreymon revealed what we suspected of the last season


The fifth and final season of The Last Kingdom is available on Netflix, and it’s a worthy farewell to history. Lead actor Alexander Dreymon, who plays Bebbanburg’s long-suffering Uhtred, spoke with Variety about some of the key moments. We’re going into SPOILERS for season 5 here, so he may want to come back now if he hasn’t seen it yet.

One of the big conflicts in season 5 is the fight between Uhtred and Brida, who started the show incredibly close but have grown apart over the years, with deadly results.

“I loved the concept of starting the story [of the series] where Uhtred and Brida are more or less the two characters from the beginning.”

All of this explodes in Episode 7, which might have been the most powerful scene of the season for me. There is so much bad blood between them at this point, and yet there is also love. Their fight, on the site of their dilapidated house from Season 1, no less, was inevitable and it didn’t disappoint.

Another intense moment came when Uhtred was accused of Sigtryggr, a Viking warlord who had married his daughter Stiorra. As a Saxon and a Dane, Uhtred is not prejudiced against the Danes like some of the Saxons, and he actually had a lot of respect for Sigtryggr. But after Sigtryggr attacked the Saxons in Æthelhelm’s camp and refused to convert to Christianity, Uhtred recognized that he had to carry out this execution to keep the peace. It was one of Alexander Dreymon’s many great acting moments, though he may have saved the best for last.

In the final scene of the series, Uhtred ascends the walls of Bebbanburg, the ancestral home he has literally been fighting the entire series to get back, and remembers everything that happened to bring him here. It’s basically the most emotional clip show in television history. Uhtred will have another ending in the next The Last Kingdom movie, Seven Kings Must Die, but that will leave us out of the game for a long time.

Also in that last episode we are briefly introduced to Osbert, Uhtred’s son whom we last saw in season 3 when he was a baby. He apparently has been staying with Hild all this time, and will finally be reunited with his father. Uhtred seems like an ageless guy, given that many other characters have grown from childhood to adulthood while he remains the same. He might get some old man makeup in Seven Kings Must Die.

Finally, before we go, we should mention that Alexander Dreymon proved the very thing that we suspected. He’s just as confused by all the hard-to-remember names on the show (Aelswith, Aethelflaed, Aethelhelm, Athelstan, Aelfwynn, etc.) as the rest of us.

“The names right now, they are so confusing! It was the hardest part of the series.”