The Last Kingdom: Alexander Dreymon paid tribute to one of the cast members


In The Last Kingdom, Alexander Dreymon starred as Uhtred of Bebbanburg’s interpreter in the first season. As expected, the veteran did not hesitate to repeat his role for the penultimate time in the fifth and final installment of this period series that was so acclaimed by its viewers.

However, to finally wrap up this story, this Netflix and BBC drama is fully set to close Uhtred’s adventures forever with one last movie. However, while the preparations and filming of this feature film are carried out, the actor Alexander Dreymon did not hesitate to pay tribute to one of the cast members.

In addition to the plot and production of The Last Kingdom, Alexander Dreymon claimed that this show’s fame is in part due to one of the cast members, specifically set magician Dominic Hyman, for his skillful work in bringing the film to life. medieval tv epic

In the fifth installment, Uhtred of Bebbanburg was finally seen as Lord of Northumbria, which is why many have been pleased with how this story full of wars and action was carried out. But, as Alexander Dreymon pointed out, Dominic’s work was a key part of making the Saxon drama feel authentic and detailed, thanks to his costumes and art design.

In his interview, Alexander Dreymon revealed that in addition to performing as Uhtred, he was also behind the scenes gaining experience in his professional acting career. He was part of the preparation of the scenarios and was delighted by the professional work that was done in terms of the details of them, so were his words:

“This season, having been behind the camera and being a part of all the preparation, I really witnessed how much work went into these sets and how much attention to detail there is. And how each setting is built around a character, how much thought is behind it, ‘How would this character decorate his living space? What’s the vibe of him? And why is that so?’”

Relatively, the fifth season finale was fans’ discovery of how Uhtred would fulfill his wish to reclaim Bebbanburg. All the settings were really impressive, giving the impression of living in medieval times.

“All of that emanates from Dominic, our set designer. I am so inspired by him. He was very generous with his ideas and very enthusiastic about the ideas that I presented. Things that I thought, well, that’s never going to happen, it’s asking too much.”

In his account, Alexander Dreymon confessed that Dominic didn’t mind when he took ideas from the cast as he continued to work to bring The Last Kingdom’s vibe to life on screen. In addition, he stressed that each of the members in charge work as “magic elves” thanks to their skill and speed in the construction of these spaces.