The Last Kingdom: Adrian Schiller, actor of Aethelhelm, responds to criticism


The Last Kingdom has been one of the Netflix programs full of rollercoasters of emotions for its viewers, and this last season has been one of the most commented, and it is not for less, since, since 2015, it has been was broadcasting on the screens without interruptions.

The success of this drama is, of course, due to its story based on real events and its wonderful cast, who knew how to bring their respective characters to life. However, on this occasion, Adrian Schiller, the interpreter of Aethelhelm in The Last Kingdom, spoke openly about playing the role of her.

It was in March when The Last Kingdom came to an end after the launch of its fifth and final season. This was the perfect occasion for his fans to reflect on the evolution of the deliveries, where they also shared opinions on the development of their favorite characters.

However, faced with criticism from The Last Kingdom viewers, Aethelhelm star Adrian Schiller did not hesitate to defend the character from him. Since the premiere of this Nordic drama, violent wars and joyful victories of these characteristic characters have been seen on the screens.

The character of Aethelhelm made her first appearance in the third season, and as the show progressed, it was soon revealed that she would stop at nothing to make sure sinister plans were brought to life. Still, fans didn’t go unnoticed, sharing her distaste for her personality traits on Netflix screens.

“Aethelhelm is driven by an absolute obsession with making sure his family becomes the kings of Wessex and that’s the deal he made with Alfred. I think he considers that Edward is bound by Alfred’s promise. Edward maybe not, but everything he does is motivated by a desire to people the thrones of Wessex.”

After explaining this quite understandable point of view, the actor continued to give the explanation to his fans, emphasizing that Aethelhelm’s way of being had a strong reason, which many failed to understand:

“A lot of people say, ‘Oh, he’s a nasty, evil, conniving creature,’ it’s a bit, it’s true. The way he does things isn’t necessarily the nicest, but what he’s trying to do is what pretty much everyone else who’s in a position of power in this story is trying to do, which is secure that power, by whatever it takes. . And neither Edward nor Uhtred, Aelswith, Aethelred or Aelflaed, nor anyone else, seem to really care about killing people to get what they want. But it seems like I’m the one who gets hit in the neck for doing it, I think it’s very unfair!”

In the Netflix drama, Aethelhelm was held prisoner alongside his daughter Elswith (Amelia Clarkson), Lady Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth), his grandchildren, and Stiorra (Ruby Hartley). Later, he managed to manipulate her out by being sinister and poisoning Aelswith’s water, making her extremely ill, but she managed to survive in the end. When the truth was revealed, Aethelhelm was abandoned by his last ally, and ended up killing himself because of the guilt inside him.