The Last Guardian reaches 60 fps on PS5


The disc version of The Last Guardian, which allows you to play without any update, goes to 60 images per second on PS5 thanks to its backward compatibility.

In these days in which the demonstrations on the backward compatibility of PS5 proliferate, which does wonders with some titles, a very curious case comes to us. The Last Guardian, the beautiful game with which Team ICO and Fumito Ueda concluded one of the most acclaimed trilogies in the PlayStation universe, can be enjoyed at 60 fps on PlayStation 5 … but only if we have the physical version of the game, if we have the disk, wow. This is because, since the framerate was dancing too much in its day, Sony locked it at 30 fps through several updates. If we put the game on our PS5 with a disc player and avoid installing any patches, the power of the new console allows no dance, no blocking, moving the game at 60 images per second solid as rocks. However, if we buy it digitally, we will not be able to enjoy this option, because when we download it again, all its updates are automatically downloaded. It is not the only game that happens and some sources already point to a similar situation with Assassin’s Creed Unity, which without any patch reaches a higher (and more stable) framerate on PS5. Thanks to the NX Gamer colleagues we can see what Trico looks like at 60 fps:

Trico is part of the PS Plus Collection

The Last Guardian is one of the titles included in the PS Plus Collection, a compilation of some of the best games in the PS4 catalog that will be available at launch on PS5 for all PlayStation Plus subscribers. Taking into account that within this compilation there are names such as God of War or Days Gone, which will receive a free patch to improve their resolution and performance on the new console, it would not be surprising if Sony also released an update for the work of Ueda in which you remove that lock on the image rate. Hopefully you may even be encouraged to add some more details, such as dynamic 4K, cross save, or reduced load times. In any case, we remind you that you can check here all the games in the PS Plus Collection and in this link you can also see which PS4 games will have improvements on PS5. Because there are fewer and fewer calendar pages that separate us from the long-awaited November 19 and PlayStation 5.


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