The lack of crossovers between Superman and Lois has gotten even worse


Warning: Superman and Lois, Season 2, episode 14.

The penultimate episode of the second season of “Superman and Lois” further aggravates the lack of Arrowverse crossovers in the series. Throughout the series, there was clearly no connection with the Arrow Universe. The Arrow universe is full of powerful superheroes, but none of them have ever fought alongside Tyler Hacklin’s Superman as part of the story of his own show.

So far, the biggest connection between Superman and Lois in the Arrowverse has been Arrow’s John Diggle. The character appeared as a guest in a season 1 episode and is confirmed to reappear in the Season 2 finale. But as for the superhero teams, Superman and Lois have limited Clark’s allies to characters from the show itself, such as Steel. Despite the fact that he now lives on Earth-Prime and should be able to turn to his fellow heroes for help, this scenario never came to fruition. But since every Arrowverse show naturally has to allow its characters to solve their own problems, this approach made sense—up to a certain point.

Season 2 of Superman and Lois, episode 14 titled “The Bizarre World War”, drew attention to the show’s decision to avoid the appearance of characters such as Supergirl and The Flash. The main characters experienced a great sense of despair when it turned out that Superman had lost his powers.Superman, out of action, has apparently robbed the planet of any hope of survival in Ellie Alston’s plan, although the Arrow Universe boasts all sorts of heroes who can go forward while Clark recovers from his current predicament.Theoretically, Supergirl and the Flash Team should both be able to lend a helping hand, but neither of them has been mentioned.

Considering that Earth-Prime is facing an incident that affects literally everyone on the planet, the story of Ellie Alston in the second season of “Superman and Lois” certainly seems worthy of a crossover. The show touched only on how the residents of Smallville were affected by the merger with Bizarro World, although in fact it is a global catastrophe. Clark’s attempt to calm the residents of Smallville was amazing, especially when the whole world could benefit from one of Superman’s speeches right now. After all, people all over the world should be witnessing the merger, not just his friends and family members.

All of this means that other Arrowverse superheroes must experience the same phenomena off-screen, which gives a good reason for at least some of them to be recognized in “Superman and Lois” or for an event to be recognized in “The Flash,” the only ongoing series. The Strelavers show. There was a time when Arrow and Flash periodically referred to each other’s events, but it remains to be seen whether Superman and Lois will ever follow the same path. The showrunner of “Superman and Lois” Todd Helbing promised to explain the lack of connections with the “Arrow Universe” in the series, but what reason can explain the absence of Supergirl and the Flash Team to stop the merger remains a mystery.