The Kominsky Method: Season 3 Trailer Confirms Norman’s Fate

The Kominsky Method: This Thursday (29), Netflix released the full trailer for the third and final season of The Kominsky Method. In it, it is possible to be sure what Norman’s destiny was: he is dead.

The clip begins at his funeral, with Robby saying a few words about his grandfather.

The news of the departure of Alan Arkin, the character’s interpreter, was released months ago, when sources said he was leaving the series before the pandemic.

Norman first appeared on the show mourning the loss of his wife, but his arc was apparently fulfilled at the end of the second season, when he found new love with an old friend.

Check out the trailer:

The Kominsky Method: learn more about the final season of the Netflix series

In the final season of The Kominsky Method, Sandy Kominsky, played by Oscar winner Michael Douglas, will face his aging without his longtime friend Norman Newlander by his side. Life becomes even more complicated with the arrival of Sandy’s ex-wife, Roz Volander, played by Kathleen Turner.

The couple’s tiny volatile relationship gets even more on fire when she comes to Los Angeles to spend time with her daughter Mindy, played by Sarah Baker and her boyfriend Martin, from Paul Reiser.

According to Netflix’s official logline, this season of The Kominsky Method is about money, death, love, murder and dreams coming true. In other words, the normal.

The comic drama created by Chuck Lorre had its first season released in November 2018 and features a Golden Globe for Best Comedy or Musical Series, in addition to providing the same award in the category of Best Comedy or Musical Actor for Douglas.

The last season of the production will be made available by streaming on May 28th. Be sure to check it out!



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