The King of Fighters XV artwork may have leaked online


Yesterday (6), it should be the day that SNK would reveal to the world The King of Fighters XV, the next great fighting game in the series. However, the revelation was postponed indefinitely and fans were left without news. However, today (7), a Spanish website may have revealed screenshots of the game ahead of time, showing the look of Kyo, Mai and Shun’ei again in 3D. It is worth remembering that it is still a rumor and the images may be false.

On the Spanish website Ultima Hora, a news story revealing the Definitive Edition of The King of Fighters XIV actually brought possible screenshots of a developing version of The King of Fighters XV, which you can check in the gallery below

Many other Spanish sites have published news of KoF XVI DE with the images above, but which are clearly not from the fourteenth version of the game. Some users at ResetEra also found Mai’s look strange, who seems to have rendering problems in her arms, but still follows the artistic 3D style and is located in the same location as the other two characters.

In the official rumored post for The King of Fighters XV, some users questioned whether it could not be the same art as KoF XIV, but with different lighting. However, other members have responded to comparisons with images that show a clear difference, as you see below.

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