The King of Fighters XV: After 18 Years, Team Orochi Is Back

The King of Fighters XV: This past Wednesday (28), SNK revealed that Chris is the newest member of The King of Fighters XV, confirming the definitive return of Team Orochi in the franchise, alongside Yashiro and Shermie.

Chris, one of the four Heavenly Kings of Orochi, was announced in a new trailer showing the fighter’s key skills and animations. The combatant is back with his quick attacks and his very particular mood, which he uses to play with his opponents while ravaging them through dash hits. Check out the reveal video below.

With the confirmation of Chris’s presence in KoF XV, Team Orochi is finally complete and emerges as the possible antagonistic team of the game. So far, nothing has been confirmed about Leopold Goenitz – the last of the Heavenly Kings – or about the evil versions of the combatants, so it remains to be seen for more news that should be presented soon.

The King of Fighters XV will be released in 2021, still with no scheduled date or compatible platforms.



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