The King in Black team gives YA Fantasy a metallic Look in a new comic book series


The Marvel Comics Star Team Behind the Landmark Series With the venom and crossover “The King in Black,” Donnie Cates and Ryan Stegman team up again to present readers with “Disappearance,” a dark, harsh and bloody story about fantasy, superheroes and violence. , received from Image Comics (and digitally in the KLC Press Substack newsletter) in September of this year. Kates and Stegman have been working on this project for many years, starting with a simple but effective question: “What if magic was… metal?” While Cates is currently working on Thor and the Hulk for Marvel Comics, Vanish looks like an original project that is very close to his heart.

The work of Donnie Cates and Ryan Stegman on “Venom” is remembered for completely changing the character’s character, deeply immersed in the alien origin of the symbiote. Eddie Brock went from “the deadly defender” to the cosmic god of the symbiotes, and he was one of Marvel’s leading characters during the company’s “King in Black” crossover, which took up most of 2021. Cates and Stegman have invested the same creative energy that made Venom stand out, this new venture that promises a whole new twist in the classic genre of “young adult” stories about magic and predestination.

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The main character of Vanish is Oliver Harrison, who as a child became a hero by defeating the greatest threat to his kingdom, one of the recurring images of the fantasy genre. The story begins with an adult Oliver, a paranoid drug addict and alcoholic who can barely sleep at night due to terrible nightmares. There’s a chance that Oliver’s entire epic fantasy past was in his head, but the arrival in town of a new group of superheroes called “Prestige” shakes up Oliver’s terrible life, proving that he didn’t make it all up. Donnie Cates and Ryan Stegman will work with JP Mayer, Sonya Obak and John J. Hill is working on creating this series, which will try to combine many different genres, including at least two different styles of fantasy and violent superheroes. Image Comics has shared a preview of the covers and the first six pages of Vanish #1, which you can enjoy below.

The preview shows that Vanish’s character stands out as a fake, striking readers with an unexpected combination of dark, urban superhero tones and high fantasy. It seems that Oliver’s magical abilities and Prestige’s superpowers have the same origin, and judging by Oliver’s deplorable condition and the extreme reaction of the Battle Rocket, these origins should be quite dark. Marvel is trying to create a similar mix of superheroes and fantasy in its Knights of X series, but the tones are very different. The authors have probably found the best phrase for their project: Image Comics will give them the freedom to do “what we could never have done at Marvel,” Stegman said.

Although there were many stories about “dark fantasy” and “dark superheroes”, few people tried to do both at the same time. The fact that Cates and Stegman had been working on this project for many years prior to publication means that the world of Vanish will be deep and well-researched. Fans of “Venom”, “The King in Black”, “The Land of the Gods”, “Thor” and “Crossover” will love this cruel story about magic, witchcraft, superheroes, war and blood. Vanish #1 will be available in print and digital form on the Image Comics website on September 7, 2022.