The King: Eternal Monarch named worst drama of the year


The South Korean dramatic productions of this year 2020 have mostly been very well received by specialized critics, but others not as much as The King: Eternal Monarch starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun.

After a list of the 10 best and worst K-Dramas broadcast so far this year came to light, fans of The King: Eternal Monarch and star Hallyu Lee Min Ho have flooded social media with protests.

The consultation was carried out by JoyNews24 in the framework of the celebration of its 16th anniversary. More than 200 professionals working in the South Korean entertainment and broadcasting industry (producers, journalists, etc.) participated to choose the best and worst jobs of 2020 in various categories.

What is interesting about the controversy is the argument of the fans, they refer that some K-Dramas that are labeled as worst dramas on the list were very successful in registering high audience ratings in the international arena.

The best K-Dramas were released in a numbered list, where the first place to the most voted was for the K-Drama Hospital Playlist followed by The World of The Married, Kingdom 2, Stranger 2, Crash Landing on You, Its Okay to Not Be Okay and Itaewon Class.

The worst K-Dramas were placed in the same order with The King: Eternal of Monarch chosen as the worst of all, followed by Backstreet Rookie, Welcome, A Piece of Your Mind and Hi Bye Mama.

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