The Kale merchant from Elven Ring originally had a big and dark story


Each game leaves a lot on the editing room floor, and it goes without saying that the bigger the game, the more remains on that floor. This is certainly true for Elden Ring, which has an extensive list of cut-out content. There is even some cut-out content for Godfrey, which perhaps better explains his marriage to Marika and his relationship with the Tainted Player.

Another carved Elden Ring quest line has recently been found, and it’s linked to merchants scattered across The Lands Between. At the beginning of Elden Ring, players will meet with Kale — a merchant dressed as Santa Claus – and he will tell about his nomads, merchants. Apart from meeting them in the Inter-Lands, not much happens here, but it seems that Kale and his people initially played a much bigger and darker role in the game.

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Dataminer Sekiro Dubi managed to recover the Elden Ring quest for Calais after discovering what would happen. It seems that Cale moved through the Inter-Lands, appearing before the player in Liurnia and in the Avoiding Lands. In short, the search would lead to the search for the Great Caravan of his people for Calais, the revelation of his final fate and, as a result, to the revenge of Calais.

It seems the Golden Order would have killed the people of Calais when they imprisoned the Three Fingers of the Elden Ring. Kale and the merchants apparently served the Three Fingers at some point, as indicated by their ability to use Madness attacks. This also explains why there are so many Merchant bodies in the dungeons of Leindell and near the Three Fingers.

Kale’s quest shows how he tries to become the Lord of the Furious Flame, but fails, but passes it on to the player. This would lead straight to the Elden Ring finale, explaining it better than perhaps the game does now. This is incredibly interesting and gives a new idea about Merchants, Mad Flame, Three Fingers, the Golden Order and much more, so many, no doubt, would like it to get into the game.

It’s hard to say why this quest didn’t make it to the final version of the game. Most likely, it has something to do with how many resources FromSoftware can invest in the development of Elden Ring and how much it can cover, but it seems that every piece of cut content is as interesting as the game itself.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.