The K-Pop idols who would be best company at Christmas


A large-scale survey received the opinions of all those who wanted to show their support for the ideal celebrity to spend the Christmas party, which idol would you have chosen?

When a person decides to become a fan of a K-Pop idol, he is showing his admiration for the music that he releases throughout his career, but the personality that that singer shows off stage also influences. This is how fandoms develop a special bond with their favorite artists and it is not surprising that many people want to share a holiday with one or more celebs.

For that reason, a survey was carried out that lasted more than a month and collected more than 25 thousand votes, the question that originated it asked those interested with which star from South Korea they would like to share the Christmas season.


The result of this poll revealed that Jimin took more than 57% of the votes winning first place. After the BTS member Kang Daniel was found, while the following positions go to drama actors.

In addition to Jimin’s popularity around the world and his great stage presence, some analysts point out that the reason for Jimin’s victory is because this idol possesses the ability to captivate the hearts of fans with his friendly personality. .

This Christmas, V celebrated by publishing a new song that quickly won the hearts of ARMY, we tell you the details in Rex Nation.

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