The Journalist “Won’t Be Surprised” If The Loaned Striker Returns to Liverpool


It was a difficult period of the first loan for the young Liverpool player Max Voltman, who could even return from Doncaster in the January transfer window.

Last time, Voltman had an excellent campaign, scoring nine goals and making two assists in 34 academy games, as well as making his debut for the first team in the Champions League.

After coming off the bench at the San Siro in December, the teenager soon went to completely different lands, joining Doncaster Rovers on loan for a season in September.

The move to the second league was seen as the next step in the development of a talented young striker, but so far it has been difficult times for Voltman.

His first two and a half months at South Yorkshire brought just one start in nine matches, playing more minutes for Liverpool under-21s before the switch (281) than since then (197).

The change of manager at Doncaster has not yet led to a change in his condition, and there can be no question of an early termination of his loan.

To find out more about Waltman’s loan and the chances of a return to Liverpool, we spoke with Steve Jones (@JonesSteve93), Doncaster Free Press correspondent from Doncaster Rovers.

What was the reaction when Doncaster hired a Liverpool player?



Voltman was Doncaster’s only signing at the deadline and we needed a player for that position, so the addition was welcome news.

Although today he cannot boast of much experience in the first team, he has an excellent pedigree in youth and developmental football, and the fact that he made his debut at the San Siro in the Champions League made many of us purr.

It is clear that there is a very talented player there.

Can you explain Waltman’s time at the club? Why did he manage only one start?

Disappointing for all concerned.

Gary McSheffrey, who brought Waltman to the club, said there was no pressure on him to come in and get down to business right away.

We all understood this position because of his lack of experience. But it hasn’t started since.

We’ve seen bursts of his quality, but it’s hard for a young player with a small build who comes off the bench in League Two and often has to chase a hopeless cause.

He had few opportunities to show what he really is.

He was excellent on the bench against Leyton Orient and helped turn the tide in that game — and keep McSheffrey on the job for a few more days — for which he was rewarded with an away start at Carlisle the following week.

Unfortunately, Rovers did not take advantage of their strengths, not least their ball-handling abilities, instead preferring to play for a long time.

Unsurprisingly, he had little joy and was replaced.

Voltman was a draw in the Papa John’s Cup, which would have been the perfect opportunity for much-needed game time. It didn’t help him either.

In what roles was he used?

To the left of the front three and immediately behind the striker.

He was effective in the No. 10 role at the Eco-Power Stadium, where there is plenty of space and good coverage for playing football.

And when he was on the pitch, did he make an impression?

Sometimes yes.

However, this is the second league, and the players have to sort out the division.

I would say that he tried his best to do it and found himself excluded from the last game day squad.

Do you see how the situation with Voltman will change under Danny Schofield, and can we even see him return to Liverpool in January?

At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if he returns in January.

But if he breaks into the team before then — and quite possibly — we will see how he will play an important role for Rovers this season.

As I said, there is a talented player there.


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