The Joker’s Underrated Skill is what Really Makes Him So Deadly


Much to Batman’s disappointment, the Joker has no shortage of dastardly plans up his sleeve with the means and intelligence to pull them off, but one criminally underrated skill is what really makes the Joker so deadly.

The Joker is something of a mystery in DC lore, as he has no origin or secret identity. The Joker is just a creature of pure chaotic evil, which, it would seem, arose from the depths of hell with the sole purpose of tormenting Batman in an endless struggle for the soul of Gotham City itself. However, in the early days of his comic book history, the Joker was not so much an irresistible force of nature as he is today, but a much more tangible supervillain with very clear and understandable motives for his crimes. Although his origins were as obscure then as they are now, the Joker was more of a skilled thief who wasn’t afraid to kill when he needed to, rather than a full-blown perverted sadist whose reasoning goes beyond the ordinary understanding.

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In “Batman #1” by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, the Joker intercepts the radio signal of Gotham City and delivers a terrifying message to the residents of the city, saying that he will kill certain people at certain times and steal their valuables. So, one by one, the people named by the Joker drop dead, all with a twisted smile on their faces from the poison he used to kill them, and their precious diamonds are stolen from each of them. While each of these men died exactly when the Joker said, the Clown Prince of the underworld killed them all with various methods of attack. One person was killed by a hidden reaction to the poison that the Joker secretly delivered last night, and another died after the Joker found a way to infect him through a device implanted in his phone, to name just a few. However, there was one kill that stood out especially from the rest, as it really fully demonstrated one of the Joker’s most forgotten skills.

When the Joker set his sights on killing the judge who sentenced him to prison a few years ago, the Joker used a method of murder that he had not tried before. Among the teams of police officers watching the judge and working on his safety, the Joker made his way to them disguised as the chief of police himself. When the judge found out the truth, he was shocked and horrified, but the Joker told him that this should not have happened, since the Joker boasted that disguise is one of his greatest skills, which makes him incredibly deadly. The Joker can disguise himself so well that he can penetrate into any environment, and no one will think that he is out of place. The Joker has proven this in storylines such as “Batman RIP” and “Death of the Family” and many others where he pretended to be other people in order to eventually deceive the Dark Knight.

Not only is the Joker artfully disguised, but his madness (or superintelligence, depending on who asks) allows him to fully embrace the character he is playing, without hesitation or restraint, giving the impression that he really believes he is the person he is. by pretending to make others do the same. Although this ability is one of his greatest and most useful, especially when the Joker fights Batman, the fact that the Joker is a master of disguise is usually put on the back burner, since his most striking characteristics are associated with his cruel tricks and intricate plots. but even though it’s underrated, the Joker’s masking prowess is a skill that really makes him deadly.