The Joker’s reaction to the Real Person [Spoiler] is one of his best moments


When Superman boldly revealed his identity to the world, no one could say more about it than the Joker. The clown prince of the underworld gloated a bit about the situation with the number one enemy of the Man of Steel.

For many years, the main Kryptonian superhero of the DC universe has been deceiving the world as a whole with his modest disguise as Clark Kent. With a pair of glasses and a meek disposition, Superman superbly created an image that anyone could consider just another face in the crowd. In fact, it was so good that Superman’s secret identity fooled the hero’s worst enemy for years. No matter how often Lex Luthor faced his most hated enemy, the so—called “genius” could not understand that Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same. So, when the number one defender of Metropolis revealed his identity, the joke was solely on Lex.

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And who will appreciate the latest joke about Lex Luthor more than anyone else in the DC universe? The answer came in the book “Superman: Villains #1” by Jody Hauser, Matt Frakshn, Scott Godlewski, Brian Hitch, Cully Hamner and Jim Mahfood. Superman has revealed his secret identity, and the whole world is shaking from it. From Superman’s buddy Jimmy Olsen to his parents and other loved ones and, of course, to various villains of the DC universe — everyone has something to say on the hottest topic that is going around. But, as Lex Luthor found out, the Joker had something to say, and he filled the villain’s mailbox with messages. But instead of saying something valuable, the clown just laughs and laughs at Luthor, making fun of his current disappointment about being exposed.

To be honest, this is exactly the kind of dramatic irony that the Joker would like. Lex Luthor has one of the biggest egos among the villains in the DCU, he has always boasted that his intelligence is far superior to those around him. Yet this man could not say that Clark Kent, whom he had met dozens of times, was his most hated enemy. The Joker may not have talked to Luthor very often, but the colossal shift in the status quo was too good for the Joker not to bury Lex in it.

Batman and Superman may unite from time to time, but the same cannot be said about their sworn enemies. Lex doesn’t easily trust others, and the Joker is too unpredictable for a partnership, temporary or otherwise. But as the most famous antagonists of their opponents, every villain knows a little about their enemies, even if it’s enough to get under their skin. The Joker knows how proud Lex is and how confident he is in his intelligence. So, when Luthor got the biggest blow to his ego, the Joker just had to kick Lex when he was depressed. Lex may have been too close to see the humor in the Superman situation, but the Joker’s reaction speaks for itself how funny it really was.


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