The Japanese franchise creates burgers without bread!


A burger without bread, have you ever seen that? The Japanese Burger King franchise has decided to delight its customers with such a creation!

Burger King is once again going to make you lick your lips. This time around, the giant is addressing its Japanese audience by creating burgers without bread. A heresy, some will say. Genius, others will say!

Have you ever tasted a burger without bread? It just sounds amazing and yet Burger King just did it.

A little earlier, we learned that the fast food giant had created tasty “ugly” burgers. A big hit to get you to subscribe to its new items.

This time around, it’s not really about beauty or ugliness. However, McDonald’s rival has chosen to remove a flagship ingredient from its burger.

It is of course his bread, which we normally cannot do without. No matter the shape, consistency or recipe of the sandwich, there are always buns.

Burger King is not short of bread … Whether toasted, round, sprinkled with sesame seeds, there is something for everyone, in short.


However, from today until December 3, Japanese people will be able to order the “Extreme One Pound Beef Burger”. A very special sandwich.

Burger King has therefore chosen to make its burgers reversible. Here, it’s the steak that captures the filling of the sandwich, not the bread.

Wedged between 4 steaks, the One Pound Beef Burger topping consists of sauce, pickles, onions, tomato rings, salad and slices of cheese.

As we can see, the steaks appear well grilled. Burger King Japan also promises us an “umami” taste, the famous 5th flavor with sweet, salty, sour and bitter, almost indescribable.


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