The IRS has already seized 160,000 pirated TV Boxes


The IRS announced that it has already seized more than 160,000 pirated TV Boxes on the border with Paraguay, at the Foz do Iguaçu Customs, in the last four years. According to the security agency, a new batch of devices will be destroyed on Thursday (11).

The IRS has a recycling program carried out in partnership with the Brazilian Pay-TV Association (ABTA). Thus, illegal devices have reused parts.

The TV Boxes seized by the Federal Revenue on the border with Paraguay are devices that have not received ANATEL approval. The products in question are used to provide illegal access to pay-TV channels, using technologies such as IPTV.

Operations intensify

According to ABTA estimates, pirated TV Boxes cause an annual loss of R $ 9.5 billion. Because of this, the IRS is intensifying operations against the products, which are present in about 4.5 million Brazilian homes.

In addition to the Customs operation, which has been carried out since 2016, the IRS has made major apprehensions in recent months. Between September and October this year, more than 300 thousand devices were seized in Pará, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Brazilian justice has also intensified the fight against illegal content distribution sites on the internet. The Civil Police carried out actions in 10 states during Operation 404, which has already blocked 252 sites and 65 applications that distribute films and series protected by copyright.

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