The Irregulars: Netflix new Sherlock Holmes horror series


The Irregulars is a horror series based on the works of Sir Conan Arthur Doyle that is coming out of the oven straight to Netflix, scheduled to debut next month.

Rather than focusing on the classic and most famous characters created by the author, Shelock Holmes and Dr. Watson, the plot will center on the characters who were children in the 1887 book “A Study in Red” and who worked as intelligence agents for the investigator.

The new narrative, brought by Tom Bidwell, will take place in the future in relation to the book. In the plot, these children are already teenagers and represent the last hope against an evil force that is taking over London.

In the official teaser of the Netflix series, you can already feel that the story will be full of strange murders and, of course, a lot of mystery.


The main cast are: Thaddea Graham as Bea, Darci Shaw as Jessie (Bea’s sister), Jojo Macari as Billy, McKell David as Spike, Harrison Osterfield as Leopold, Royce Pierreson as Dr. Watson and Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Sherlock Holmes .

Naturally, the success of the film Enola Holmes in 2020 is all about the appearance of yet another production within the same universe.

But, very different from the film starring Millie Bobby Brown, the series entitled in Brazil as Os Irregulares de Baker Street is an original production by Drama Republic, a relatively small independent film producer from the United Kingdom.

Are you curious to watch? Don’t forget: The Irregulars will premiere on March 26, on Netflix.


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