The Irish Oscar bid for “The Quiet Girl” broke the record for box office receipts in the UK and Ireland


Colm Baread‘s film “The Quiet Girl”, which is a participant in the Oscar race for the best international film this year, broke the box office ceiling of 1 million euros ($971,000), breaking the record for a feature film in the Irish language.

“We are really humbled by how audiences in Ireland and the UK have received our film. To every person who has bought a ticket to The Silent Girl and supported the film since its release in May, we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” said director and screenwriter Bayread and producer Cleona Ni Chrualaoi from InscĂ©al.

“Many thanks and congratulations to our wonderful Irish and British distributors Break Out Pictures and Curzon, who continue to work incredibly hard on the release. We are extremely grateful to all the cinemas that provided the film with time and space for development, as well as to Access Cinema for its outstanding work in providing the film to a local audience,” they added.

In recent years, Irish cinema has been gaining popularity, but no movie has ever approached the 1 million euro mark before. Previously, the highest-grossing film was the potato famine drama “Arraht”, which collected 164,000 euros in the UK and Ireland.

First released in May, “The Quiet Girl” has been in theaters for 22 weeks.

Break Out Pictures co-directors Nell Roddy and Robert McCann Finn said the result was particularly significant given the gloomy theatrical picture in the background.

“It is a phenomenal achievement for any film to cross the 1 million euro mark, especially now when the market is becoming more and more difficult. Many thanks to everyone who came to see this special film, and to all the cinemas for their unwavering support,” they said.

Curzon’s MD Louise Dent agreed that the result was “an outstanding achievement.”

“It was wonderful to see how the “Quiet Girl” communicates so deeply emotionally with the audience. Once again, huge congratulations to Colm Baread and the entire film crew,” she said.

Based on the novel Foster by Claire Keegan, The Quiet Girl is a drama about growing up that reveals the meaning of family through the eyes of an abandoned young girl, set in rural Ireland in 1981.

Catherine Clinch plays a young girl who was sent from an overcrowded dysfunctional home to distant relatives for the summer. When it begins to blossom in their hospitable home, the bitter truth comes to the surface.

This year, the film debuted in the Generation Kplus program at the Berlinale, where it received the Grand Prix of the international jury, and then in March it won universal recognition at the IFTA National Award of Ireland.

“The Quiet Girl” was produced by Ni Chrualaoi as part of the Cine4 funding scheme for Irish language films in collaboration with Screen Ireland, TG4 and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI). The film also receives a tax break under Section 481 of the Irish Government.

Bankside Films is engaged in international sales.


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