The iPhone will arrive without pre-installed apps in Europe


Europe demands more and more from the tech giants that come from the United States. The measures have to do with practices that have to do with the treatment of user data on their platforms as well as the status of the products they sell in the territory. And the latter has to do with the news in front of you and that is that Europe could prohibit Apple from launching its terminals with pre-installed applications.

iPhones and iPads without branded apps

One of the things that many users demand from some phone companies is that they include pre-installed applications in the terminal. In the case of Android, there are some that even come from third parties for collaborations such as the Samsung and Microsoft binomial. But in other cases the applications come from the manufacturer itself, something that Europe does not see at all well.

According to what 9to5Mac has, a law is being worked on that prevents pre-installed apps on iPhone. The text, still in development, aims for the firms to give users all the possibilities to eliminate the apps with which the terminal comes from the factory bitten apple. This is what the Cupertino company has already achieved in previous versions, but the truth is that the text wants to reach the next level.

A way to avoid monopoly

One of the things that Europe seeks is to give everyone the same opportunities. This is not only focused on consumers, but also on manufacturers who have on occasion been singled out for monopolizing some functions. And it is in this way that the old continent sees pre-installed iPhone apps, as a way to prevent users from taking other applications as their own because Apple’s “came to their hands first.”

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Of course, in the App Store you will find numerous applications similar to the video editor that your tablet or smartphone has, a photo manager or even a word processor or sticky notes that you can always have at hand. For all this to come to fruition, a stronger and more serious proposal is needed to help convince the whole of Parliament and for it to be approved a posteriori.

Apple’s new measures

The iPhones of the future may come without pre-installed apps, but that’s something Apple is turning the tide on. It is true that the company is very much its own offering its own software and closing it only to its own services, but that is how many remain to offer a good product. This does not mean that there are others that are the same or better and that is why in iOS 14 we have seen changes.

We have already mentioned some of them in recent weeks, such as the inclusion of more predefined email services or putting your favorite Internet browser ahead of Safari.


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