The iPhone 13 will have the same structure as the 12


We saw the latest from Apple a month ago. The iPhone 12 had its own exclusive event in which we met him and his three other variants. There is no doubt that it has a year to live until the company’s new device arrives. But it is now when the first rumors about the iPhone 13 and the possible structure that they will have in the future arrive.

The first rumors of the iPhone 13 appear

Every time a new terminal hits the market it only means one thing: the manufacturer has a year to sell it because it is thinking about the successor. This always happens and this year has not been an exception despite the current pandemic. Each company has changed its times, but their products had to go on the market. This is not an exception for Apple and its iPhone, but the information from the iPhone 13 is already starting to flow.

The most curious thing of all is that when you talk about an advance data of an Apple device you always look for the name of Ming-chi Kuo. If the name is not familiar to you, this is one of the analysts who has hit the most with a prediction about iPhone. This time he has given what could be considered as one of the first details of what the next phone of the bitten apple would look like.

What we have as soon as we know these new data are the versions and external structure of the next Apple devices. According to Kuo, the iPhone 13 will follow the same size line as its predecessors as well as its variants. Come on, next year we could see an iPhone 13, its Mini version and the Pro and Pro Max with a size similar to that seen in the last Keynote of the Californian company.

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Enhancements in the Pro family

We may have or a first approach to what is the iPhone 13 and the different variants, but as Tim Cook often says before dismissing each event “there is still one more thing.” A detail that will bring an interesting improvement to Apple phones. It turns out that the other information we have is that the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will arrive with a new lens.

This will be an ultra wide-angle aperture f / 1.8 with 6 MPX will give a plus for all those who want to have the latest in photography for their mobile, although since it is a leak we will have to wait until next year to know it.


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