The iPhone 12 will bring headphones in France


The iPhone 12 has been one of the most anticipated terminals of the year. 5G, a good camera, recycled materials and good software are some of the features that come with the terminal, but there is something that users did not like.

It turns out that headphones will not be included in the box of the device, but this is something that will not affect French users who will find headphones in the box of their iPhone 12.

No, Apple does not retract its decision

The bitten apple is known for making risky decisions regarding the connectivity of its devices. The 3.5 mm minijack, the classic USB or even the TouchID are things that have remained in the past of the firm and the latest have been the chargers and headphones in the iPhone box. The firm argued that this decision addressed a matter of making the company more respectful of the environment, but users may not like this.

However, France will not take this decision to the letter since the iPhone 12 that are sold there will bring headphones, according to what Macrumors says. Have those of Cupertino made an exception with the European country? the truth is that they will have to do it to comply with a law that requires operators to include a headset in each phone they sell. It is not just any law and it is very clear on the points it makes.

If we take a look at what LEXplicit says about the text, which dates back to 2015, “at the request of the buyer of a mobile phone, the operator must provide an accessory such as a hands-free kit or a headset suitable for children under 14 years”. And it is that this measure went ahead in order to protect the youngest users from the electromagnetic waves of these devices. The measure is so powerful that the fact of making an advertisement that does not promote the use of headphones, or that does not directly include them, is a fine of no less than 75,000 euros.

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