The iPhone 12 has complete confusion on its panel


Does not get to 120Hz chip.

Ross Young is more credible than many other Twitter accounts that report your and that about alleged iPhone features, often it seems to be completely random and based on previous rumors that are recycled.

Claims iPhone 12 is launched with 60Hz panel

Young has 25 years in the panel industry as an analyst, so the credibility is somewhat higher than an anonymous Twitter profile.

What Young says is that Apple has no problems getting the panels themselves, naturally enough, there are many mobiles with 120Hz – the problem, says Young, is that they do not have their own driver chip for the panel.

iPhone 12 Pro with lousy 60Hz update? It looks that way

We have heard a lot back and forth with the 120Hz panels, but over the last couple of months, “everyone” has said that there will be no 120Hz update. It also makes a lot of sense in terms of marketing with a 120Hz panel on the iPhone 12, at least the Pro series.

“They will have to find a solution to the problem, which can be difficult, or wait for the 120Hz driver and delay the launch, possibly for a long time, or launch with 60Hz. What we hear is that they are launching at 60Hz. ”

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