The Inventor of the Rubik’s Cube: How Popular It Is


Trying to explain why Rubik’s Cube is so loved in his new book, Cube: The Puzzle of Us, Erno Rubik stated that it is stranger to be so popular than the cube itself.

In 1974, Erno Rubik, a young architect, was looking for the method of sampling three-dimensional movement for his students; Fastened with rubber bands, glue and paper clips, he created the Magic Cube, in Hungarian name Buvös Kocka.

This interesting invention, which later became the rubik’s cube all over the world, sold more than 350 million copies in 2018, making it the world’s most famous toy. Rubik Cube, which has inspired many artworks and films, even has a series of competitions where young minds try to complete the puzzle as soon as possible.

The inventor of the Rubik’s Cube, Erno Rubik, who has written a new book called Cube: The Puzzle of All of Us, states that he is more than anyone else surprised by the incredible success of the cube he created. According to Rubik, the rubik’s cube became a worldwide phenomenon, much more interesting than the cube itself.

That’s why Erno Rubik points out that the book Cube: The Puzzle of All of Us tries to understand why and how the rubik’s cube got so famous and why people love the cube so much. Because today there are many different versions of the rubik’s cube, and the Cube continues to sell millions of millions every year, despite the 46 years that have passed since its invention.

Let’s remind for those who don’t know; The rubik cube has six different surfaces, each of which has different colors. The surfaces are divided into nine equal parts and these parts can be moved to different surfaces by rotating the cube. When the puzzle starts, the colors on the cube are scattered across different surfaces and the ‘player’ tries to collect each color on a separate surface.


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