The inventor of the computer mouse died


The inventor of one of the most important parts of the modern computer experience closed his eyes to life. William English, who developed the first computer mouse concept at Stanford Research Institute with Douglas Englebart, died. English and Englebart co-prepared the 1968 “Mother of All Demos” presentation, which marks the many computer technologies used today.

While Englebart gained a reputation in the technology world for its “visionary” personality, English was known for its success in turning ideas into real products. English, which built the computer mouse based on the sketch drawn by Englebart, also directed the backstage presentation during the presentation of Mother of All Demos.

Today, it is possible to see the traces of William English and Douglas Englebart’s vision in many places other than a computer mouse. Features such as online text editing, video calling and hypertext link are used in many places.


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