The Internet Has Split From Two Sides, As Fans Choose Their Favorite From “Get Knives” and “Glass Onion”


In 2019, Ryan Johnson released the action-packed thriller “Get Knives”, which instantly hooked the audience. This film with the participation of brilliant and extremely popular actors, such as the stars of “No Time to Die”, Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas and, of course, Chris Evans, blew the minds of fans. The drama has received huge praise for its brilliant performance, stunning characters and insidiously intricate murder mystery.


Developing this insanely fascinating story, the creators have made another addition to the franchise. The long-awaited sequel titled “The Glass Onion” received the widest release in theaters this month. This new mystery met the expectations of fans who played Craig in the role of chief detective Benoit Blanc. Now the internet is flooded with reviews and reviews as fans choose their favorite movie from both movies.

The Internet is torn apart when fans choose between Knives Out and Glass Onion

In the last message posted by Discussing Film on Twitter, they asked fans if they liked “Get Knives” or “Glass Onion”. Tweeters instantly started commenting on the post, sharing their opinions and indicating which movie they liked the most.

There is a war going on on the platform while the audience explains why the film they have chosen is the best. Although many cannot choose between them, since both storylines made a unique impression on the audience.

One fan stated, “Both are fantastic. I think I liked Knives Out a little more.”

“Get knives” was less open and politically biased. The characters were also fun to dislike because of how down-to-earth they felt. The characters of Glass Onion were caricatures of the culture of electronic celebrities, which I don’t care about,” said a second fan.

“I choose both because why not?” commented a third user.

A fourth fan added: “IMO Glass Onion is the best movie. But Knives out had the best 3rd act. Only time will tell for me.”

“The glass bow was brighter and more interesting… but I liked the “Get Knives” dynamic more,” explained another.

Let’s clear the layers of the Glass Onion plot

The long-awaited sequel to Ryan Johnson’s hit “Detective 2019” revolves around an eclectic group of socialites invited by their billionaire friend Miles Bron. As the story progresses, viewers learn that Bron throws a lavish weekend party every year with a new theme. Similarly, this year he is planning a mysterious murder in which his friends must find clues and find the killer.

However, the twist in this party comes when the main detective joins them on the island. His arrival leads to the disclosure of many deep secrets. The film received very positive reviews from viewers with an average rating of 8/10 on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.4 out of 10 on IMDb.

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