The interior of the castle “Legacy of Hogwarts” needs the same careful study as its appearance


Shopping in and out of Hogsmeade is great fun in the Hogwarts Legacy. In addition, at some point players will be able to fly a hippogriff, which gives them seemingly unlimited access to the castle grounds and other remote locations. While it’s unclear how big or dense the Hogwarts Legacy open world map will be, it seems there’s a lot to discover. Some areas can be explored as part of additional Hogwarts Legacy quests or side quests, such as a quest that will obviously lead players to the castle ruins.

It is not known if some areas are completely blocked, unless the players are there within a certain quest. Similarly, areas such as the expanding bottomless chest in the PlayStation-exclusive Hogwarts Legacy quest demonstrate that areas can hide more than they show. This is great for areas outside of the real Hogwarts school, but the castle should not be put on the back burner in favor of exploring beyond its walls. WB Games Avalanche’s unique take on the 1800s castle still needs to be emphasized and emphasized to fully sell the immersive Hogwarts Heritage experience.

Little of the Hogwarts Heritage Castle has been shown compared to its grounds

Warner Bros. Interactive showed fans quite a lot of shots from Hogwarts Legacy, which depict the interiors of the castle. Excited fans should thank the Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation State of Play trailer, which focuses on the actions that players will participate in. However, beyond that, the gameplay is mostly centered around areas outside of Hogwarts. This seems appropriate given the scale of the Hogwarts Legacy world, and by separating the different areas, it is possible to achieve this before the game is released.

If more information about the Hogwarts interior is not published in the coming months, it may benefit some fans as it will be an exciting surprise when they finally get their hands on it in February. We hope that the interiors of the Hogwarts Heritage Castle will be interesting no less, if not more, than its exterior, if only for the reason that they create a sense of mystery and fantasy in the stone corridors and atriums of the school.

Portraits must be unsolvable at least in order to hear, for example, one or two lines of dialogue from the inhabitant depicted on them, otherwise they could create passages to other parts of the castle. The diverse Hogwarts Heritage dormitories look amazing, and this quality and detail should be represented throughout the rest of the school.

Hogwarts Legacy may Benefit from Metroidvania

Although the castle itself isn’t as huge as fans might expect, it can still create a wonderful sense of exploration if it takes a page from the Metroidvania design. For example, the entrance to different corridors, doors, or passageways may be closed until players learn a specific spell.

The study of Alohomor may be an intermediate stage of the Hogwarts Legacy, which players must engage in in order to open doors in the castle; otherwise, there may be spells that destroy a physical obstacle or connect a gap over a precipice. This can make exploration fun throughout the game without actually having tons of unique areas to traverse, with areas opening up periodically and being the result of the player’s desire to find hidden rewards.

It is assumed that in the “Legacy of Hogwarts” there will be dungeons under the castle in which you can create your own rooms with puzzles, which will be an exciting way to introduce the school to new areas. However, in addition to the dungeons, the castle needs its own exploration to be satisfying and as important as exploration seems when players leave its walls.

Hogwarts Legacy is released on February 10 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The Switch version is also in development.


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