The installer of this plugin cannot use the internet


A new browser extension that has been developed blocks all websites using Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Amazon. The plugin named Big Tech Detective thus makes the internet highly unusable.

Big Tech Detective does not arouse the giants

Developed by The Economic Security Project, the plug-in aims to make an important point about big technology monopolies by blocking all sites that reach IP addresses owned by Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Amazon. Currently, the add-on, which must be installed manually in Chrome, is also loaded and activated for Firefox.

Big Tech Detective

If you configure the extension to actually block it, click on one of the sites linked to these four organizations and a red pop-up appears on your screen. This popup is also designed to contain a list of all requests, so it is possible to know what is requested. On the other hand, considering that many websites use fonts in Google Fonts, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, pages that link to these IP addresses do not seem to have enough resources for external browsing. In addition, the plug-in is designed to allow users to remove the desired browser from the list.

Big Tech Detective aims to prevent these four companies from accessing data by locking pages. If you don’t trust these companies and think they are attacking your data, the plugin seems worth a try.


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