The injury of the Smart Hulk in the endgame can be fixed by a forgotten MCU character


The injury that the Smart Hulk received due to the fact that “Avengers: Finale” was miraculously fixed in Phase 4 can be explained if Marvel Studios decides to bring back one character from “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. While the rest of the surviving heroes had different times after Thanos’ flick in Avengers: Infinity War, Bruce Banner used his way of finding a way to combine the best of his two personalities. This led to the appearance of a Smart Hulk in the MCU, who possesses the brute strength of the original Green Rage monster and the consciousness of his human alter ego.

With this unique combination, the Clever Hulk was the only character who could successfully make a reverse click without dying (although Thor also volunteered). Despite the fact that it was difficult for him to resist the collective power of all six Infinity Stones, the Clever Hulk was able to achieve his goal. Although he did not suffer fatal injuries, his right arm was badly burned. After the defeat of Thanos, the “Finale” did not have time to reveal the severity of the injury after the reverse click of the Smart Hulk. But it’s clear that he was still hampered by this, as he wore a hand while helping Steve Rogers jump into the Quantum World to retrieve the Infinity Stones, and Phase 4 explores this further.

In “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” Benner returned from the Smart Hulk to his former self, but his arm was still visibly damaged and bandaged. However, in “The Hulk Woman” he will return as a Smart Hulk, but there is no more injury on the Hulk’s arm “Avengers: Finale”. It’s unclear exactly what’s going on and how the Smart Hulk fixes his hand, but one of the most intriguing possibilities is the help of Dr. Helen Cho. The world-famous geneticist was introduced in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” to help cure Hawkeye’s injury with her Cradle of Regeneration. It is part of a technology that heals wounds by inoculating imitation organic tissue and binding it to the patient’s cells. This is the same healing mechanism that allowed Tony Stark to heal his wounds after fighting Thanos in Infinity War.

Given Cho’s experience and technology, she could completely cure the burned hand of the Smart Hulk. It is currently unknown what happened to Cho after the Age of Ultron. The last time she was in the MCU was at the end of this movie, where she officially joined Dr. Eric Selvig’s team to assist the Avengers in their operations. Since then, she has never appeared. There was not even information about whether Thanos’ click in Infinity War affected her. However, given the situation of the Smart Hulk, this may be the best opportunity to get her back. KVM is slowly moving away from the infinity saga, and with the few people she had direct contact with in the franchise no longer around, it can be hard to find another chance to reintegrate her into the universe.

Setting up the Smart Hulk arch in The Hulk Woman, along with changing Shang-Chi to Banner, suggests that he will work very hard on himself and possibly try to reverse both the Smart Hulk process and the injury sustained in Avengers: Finale. Banner is one of the smartest scientists in the MCU, so it won’t be hard for him to find a way, but his best work was often when he was helped, for example, paired with Science Bros. with Tony Stark. Adding Helen Cho to the mix would be a way to ensure that his hand is fixed as best as possible because she is an expert in the field, and at the same time would be a fun callback to Phase 2.