The Influencer Claims TikTok Banned Her Because Her Acne Was “Terrible Content.”


The TikTok influencer claims that the platform blocked her content after uploading “terrible content” where the creator shared positive messages about acne.

Many young people and pre-adolescent children struggle with acne. Imperfect skin has many stigmas surrounding it, and many people with clear skin often assume worse than those with acne.

In an attempt to dispel misconceptions about the condition of the skin, sixteen-year-old TikToker and beauty contestant Eva created a video in which she is incredibly frank about this topic. But her TikTok led to her being banned from the platform. In the video, she shows her bare skin, which had acne rashes.

According to BBC News, Eva stated that “it didn’t fit [TikTok] because of my skin, because it was terrible content.”

The influencer is the current Miss Galaxy-York for Teenagers, and she is going to participate in national competitions in March. In an interview with BBC News, she shared her thoughts about her struggle with acne.

“So, I have been suffering from acne for more than two years. I used to have really cystic pimples all over my face. It went from my cheeks to my chin, it was cystic, so it was really lumpy, there was a lot of pus in them, so it’s really hard to hide it.”

She then explained in an interview how acne affected her mental energy.

“Now I’m cured of acne, I just have scars, because the doctor helped me, because they gave me pills. I was given facial products. […] And now I feel in myself that I can confidently share my journey. And in society, it’s normal for people to have clean skin, so my goal is for people to know and know,” she shared.

“I advertise on TikTok about this: ‘just because you have spots on the outside doesn’t mean you’re ugly,'” Eva declared, wonderfully articulating the main message for her TikTok. And it was this message and the “terrible content” that led to her being banned from TikTok.

After the incident, a TikTok representative acknowledged the platforms’ mistakes and restored Eva’s TikTok account.


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