The Infamous Walrus Thor Has Already Been Added to Duke Smoochem 3D


Thor, the jerking walrus who closed the fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Scarborough, has already been added to Duke Smoochem 3D.

Launched in 2021, Duke Smoochem 3D is a satirical snapshot of life in Britain. It is based on the first level of the 1996 cult first-person shooter Duke Nukem 3D and was created using the game’s built-in level editor.

Duke Smoochem creator Dan Douglas has previously recreated viral British moments like “the woman who threw her cat in the trash” or the moment a gang of wild kids interrupted that infamous quarantine-era interview on BBC News. Douglas also took aim at Liz Truss, as well as This Morning’s dystopian “Spin to Win Your Electricity Bill” contest.

And now, after Thor’s visit to Scarborough, Douglas has made sure to immortalize the walrus in Duke Smoochem 3D. Check out the footage below.

One keen—eyed fan pointed out that Scarborough doesn’t actually have a pier, and Douglas replied that “unfortunately, it has to be an ordinary beach-I can’t recreate Scarborough.” Another asked for “a little shit on the beach,” and Douglas promised that they were already “scattered all over the place.”

Speaking to NME about the game, Douglas explained: “The tone is everywhere, and I see it almost like a collage. The absurdity of modern Britain has seeped through reading too many insane posts on social media. Someone asked why Keir Starmer kills an alpaca in the game, and my only answer was: “To fully enjoy Duke Smoochem, you need to spend 20 hours a day on Twitter.”

Although the mod is not yet available to the public, Douglas already foresees what it may become in the future. “Ultimately, I would like to create a comment mode devoid of enemies, in which the player could just wander around and discover the origin of all the landmarks that I added, as a kind of meme museum,” Douglas shared.

From other news: The game build Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded appeared online more than a decade after the remake was suspended and eventually canceled.


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