The infamous second son: how to climb the space needle


Infamous Second Son takes the series from the fictional settings of Empire City and New Marais to the real Seattle, where the developers of Sucker Punch games live. With such a unique city that can be captured in the game, Sucker Punch did a great job of recreating an unforgettable skyline. Of course, any attempt to recreate Seattle in Infamous Second Son would be futile without including its most iconic landmark. However, the game does not only show the Space Needle; it includes it in the gameplay and story.

Mission 7: The Gauntlet instructs players to dismantle the United Defense Department surveillance equipment installed atop the Space Needle in Seattle. To do this, players must first climb the spire to the very top and start fighting waves of D.U.P. agents before they can raise the flag of anarchy and engage in battle with the thugs of Brooke Augustine. It is worth noting that the Space Needle can only be climbed during this mission, and the rest of the time it will be blocked.

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How to climb a space needle

This mission will begin when Reggie calls about the central antenna that D.U.P. has installed on the Second Son’s amazing space needle. The player will then receive a minimap icon indicating the mission start location at the base of the building. Head there and click the up arrow on the crosspiece to start the quest.

Use the yellow stairs on either side of the main entrance to climb up to the base. There will be ventilation holes on the roof through which players will be able to use Smoke Dash using Delsin’s powers. After launching into the air, look at the central column to see the gray-yellow DUP sign that you can climb.

After reaching another platform, Smoke Dash again through the roof vent to reach the yellow ladder on the scaffolding on the right. Walk through these woods to get to the back and climb the white boards to another platform. On the right is another yellow ladder, which the player can climb and jump down to get to the yellow cables leading up. Halfway through these cables, an elevator will descend to Delsin.

Using Delsin’s Spider-Man power, continue moving along the cable to the pole from which Delsin can jump onto other outer scaffolding. From here, climb a few more white boards until Delsin gets to one of the improvised antennas. Looking at the Space Needle, there is another yellow staircase on the right, to which Delsin must Smoke with a Jerk in the air to get to it.

Leading to another antenna, this one will be decorated with yellow cables on which Delsin can hang. Following these cables, Delsin will lead around the dish to a small platform with another ventilation hole on the roof. Move through this to get to the roof of the Space Needle and start destroying the D.U.P object and causing karmic chaos Infamous.

Infamous Second Son is currently a PS4 exclusive.


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