The Indiana Jones 5 Image Reminds Us How Long the Sequel Has Been Delayed


The photo provided by the producer of “Indiana Jones 5″ Frank Marshall reminds viewers of how long the release of the traditional sequel with Harrison Ford in the title role was postponed. Ford returns to the untitled fifth Indiana Jones film to reprise his role as the titular archaeologist with a whip, along with Phoebe Waller-Bridge from Flibag as the main character and Mads Mikkelsen from Fantastic Beasts 3, an actor known for his villainous roles. Other newcomers also include Thomas Kretschmann, Boyd Holbrook, Shonette Renee Wilson, Toby Jones and Antonio Banderas.

The upcoming Indiana Jones movie will be the first part of the long-running Lucasfilm franchise, shot not by Steven Spielberg and without a plot written by George Lucas. Spielberg is replaced by James Mangold, the twice Oscar-nominated director of the films Logan and Ford vs. Ferrari, who is shooting a script he co-wrote with Ford vs. Ferrari screenwriters Jez and John Henry Butterworth. Filming finally began in June 2021 and ended earlier this year. With a release date of June 30, 2023, Indiana Jones 5 is still a long way off.

Now, exactly one year after the release of the sequel, the producer of “Indiana Jones 5” Frank Marshall celebrates this event with a post on Twitter that simply reads: “A year from today …” The producer’s post was accompanied by an image of Indiana. The famous Fedora Jones sable hat.

Although Marshall’s post was intended to celebrate this event, it is unfortunately also a reminder of how long Indiana Jones 5 has been delayed. Work on the film was delayed for almost 15 years while Lucas struggled to find the right story, and several screenwriters were brought in to work on the script, resulting in Spielberg eventually, he handed over the director’s baton to Mangold. Almost incredibly, the fifth Indiana Jones film was once scheduled for release in 2019, which was postponed several times due to rewriting the script. After filming finally began, new setbacks followed due to the pandemic and Ford’s injury during the rehearsal of the fight scene, although, fortunately, the 79-year-old actor fully recovered.

Better late than never. Fans should be thinking about the movie “Indiana Jones 5”. Although the film will not feature the original architects of the franchise, Spielberg and Lucas, returning to their roles, it is a small miracle that Ford was able to return as he nears retirement, and that production of the film even managed to be completed during the pandemic. A year after the release of “Indiana Jones 5,” Marshall’s tweet is perhaps a sign that a trailer may be on the horizon.