The Indiana Jones 5 D23 booth shows off new concept art and costumes


“Indiana Jones 5″ is almost here, and it looks like fans of the iconic movie series are more excited than ever before. At Disney D23, Harrison Ford’s latest adventure as Indie received its own booth where fans could see potential scenes and some costumes from the film.

Indiana Jones 5 went through a lot of road bumps that occurred during the filming process, including Ford’s injury on set. However, many filmmakers expressed satisfaction with the result of the latest Indiana Jones adventure. Many years of heartbreaking actions turned the actor into a well-known movie star, as this year the D23 exhibition presented many surprises for fans of both the actor and fans of films about Indiana Jones.

Laughing Place managed to get a closer look at several high-resolution photos of a glass showcase where fans can see all the costumes. Many of them look at home with a wardrobe from any of the first four Indiana Jones films, since it is widely known that the action of the series mainly takes place during the Second World War. Since most of these outfits feel right at home, it’s not surprising that the producer of this film called it a worthy conclusion to the long-running Indiana Jones franchise.

At the D23 presentation, Ford took the stage to promote the film “Indiana Jones 5″, surprising many visitors and delivering an emotional speech at the same time. Fans felt both nostalgia and sadness knowing that the franchise was coming to an end, and a preview of “Indiana Jones 5” was shown only to those who attended the convention. This is the same feeling that many experienced when they finally saw the costumes for the film during the D23 exhibition, as they captured the essence of the mid-20th century that the franchise is known for, and also sharpened the details.

Every Indiana Jones movie has delved a little deeper into the realm of the supernatural, so many shouldn’t be surprised to see that the latest movie does the same thing. From underground mysteries to aliens, evil spirits, runaway boulders and secret rituals, it’s really hard to say what Indiana Jones will reveal when his latest film finally hits the big screen next year.

“Indiana Jones 5” will be released in theaters on June 30, 2023.


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