The incredible weapon of the Colossus Sisters is in the spotlight in the X-Men fan art


One of the most underrated mutants on Krakoa is the X-Men Magic, as the hero wielding the Soul Sword has become an important character over the years. In Kevin Chua’s new fan art posted on Reddit, Colossus’ sister and her powerful weapon have received a magnificent interpretation, which transfers Anya Taylor-Joy’s version of the hero from “New Mutants” to comics in her most iconic costume.

Ilyana Rasputin is one of the main members of the New Mutants, as she joined the team after spending her entire childhood in Limbo. It was in this dimension that Sister Colossus learned about dark magic, which she uses as part of her mutant interdimensional teleportation abilities. Magic is also known for her Darkchydle personality, spawning her powerful armor when she takes on her more demonic side with her powerful Soulsword weapon. In the new fan art, the live version of Magic from “New Mutants” gets an interpretation of comics.

On his Reddit account, artist Kevin Chua shared his look at Magic, showing the heroine in one of her most iconic costumes in stunning fan art. The work is undoubtedly inspired by the version of the character Anya Taylor-Joy, who appeared in the movie “New Mutants”, as she looks almost identical to the actress. The fan art depicts the Colossus’ sister in a black spiked suit, a pointed headdress and an X-belt, and her massive Soul Sword illuminates a mutant ready for battle. This is a great illustration of the X-Men hero and the power behind her appearance and weapons.

Fan art gives fans of “New Mutants” and Anya Taylor-Joy the final version, what if…? since her version of Magic never appeared in her classic costume, as they looked more at ease in the movie. No matter how you look at The New Mutants movie, it’s hard to deny that it feels like a missed opportunity if Taylor-Joy never appears in the role of Magic in live action again, as she was ideally suited for this role.

Fortunately, Magic comics pay due attention. Not only has she recently become the Supreme Wizard of Limbo, but she has also been featured as the main character in the current comic “New Mutants” by Vita Ayala and Rod Reis, one of the best X-Men books currently on the shelves. Ultimately, the fan art and costume show how beloved Colossus’s sister Magic is, and the character’s true potential both inside and outside the pages of Marvel comics.