The incredible figures of Pokémon GO


The Niantic phenomenon on iOS and Android is far from peaking and continues to improve its revenue records every year since 2016.

Pokémon GO is signing in 2020 the best year in its history. Published in the summer of 2016, the Niantic title has been one of the great beneficiaries of the COVID-19 pandemic that has fully affected the entertainment sector. As reported by Sensor Tower in its latest analytical report, in the absence of the end of the year, the game has recorded revenues of over 1 billion dollars between January and October.

In this way, we speak of an average of about 100 million dollars a month; Another way of talking about more than 3 million dollars billed every day this 2020. Pokémon GO thus improves its year-on-year revenue by 11%, since 2019 was in itself the best full year of the game to date with 902 million dollars. 2018 was not short on that history with an always upward trend, since in that course 828 million dollars were reached (+ 41% year-on-year).

Pokémon GO: more than 4,000 million dollars since its premiere

For its part, 2017 was the year of most doubts, an exercise marked by the lack of news and the preparation of the great mechanical and content changes that have allowed these last three years of great joys for the community. In 2017, the first full year of Pokémon GO, 589 million dollars were registered (-29% compared to 2016). All in all, 2016 continues to be the year with the highest average daily turnover, since only the first five months of that course are computed, and even so, it earned more than 832 million dollars.

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