The incredible dance steps of Jennifer Lopez’s mom


Jennifer Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe Rodríguez, at 74, has everything a mother can ask for: health and a daughter of whom she is very proud. On December 12, she will be 75 years old and despite her age, she has shown that she still has the vitality of a twenty-something. This was demonstrated last year, when she took the stage with JLo to show off her best moves on the track.

At a concert held in December 2019, the singer and actress gave her mother an incredible surprise when she introduced her and made her dance by her side. Although at first the lady refused, the applause of the public convinced her and with a blue feather scarf she went up to dance with her daughter, giving irrefutable proof that talent runs through the veins of the family.

In the clip that JLo shared through his Instagram account, you can see the celebrated woman dressed in black, moving alongside her daughter, without missing a beat. Both ran from one side to the other and with a smile that was never removed from her face, the proud mother showed that she is the singer’s number 1 fan.

“For as long as I can remember, I have been able to see her dance, laugh and light up every room where she has been. She is the definition of youth and is timeless at every age “, expressed the singer in her social networks along with a clip where the two are seen celebrating.

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