The incredible computer graphics of Water On Na’vi are shown in the Avatar 2 image


A new image from the movie “Avatar: The Path of Water” shows the incredible detail of the computer graphics of the film through the water on the face of the character Na’vi. The premiere of “The Way of Water” took place more than ten years after the original “Avatar” conquered the world, becoming the highest-grossing film of all time at the time of release. While the original film was praised for its unprecedented and stunning use of computer graphics, director James Cameron has since spent years developing even more impressive technologies, including underwater motion capture tools, to make possible the enhanced computer graphics featured in Avatar 2.

However, the computer graphics in the first “Avatar 2” trailer caused some negative reaction after its release. After the trailer debuted, it was widely ridiculed online, as many viewers did not believe that the visual effects had improved significantly compared to the original Avatar of 2009. Others didn’t even believe that the water that occupies almost every frame of The Way of Water trailer was computer graphics, not real water. Since then, these criticisms have been refuted by professional visual effects artists, who have proven that the reservoirs in Avatar 2 were actually created by a computer, and that the sequel has already demonstrated significant improvements over the original Avatar movie only in its trailer.

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Further reinforcing the impressive computer graphics effects in Avatar: The Path of Water, a new image from Empire reveals the film’s stunning water graphics in more detail. The close-up image shows Kate Winslet in the image of her character from Na’vi with her mouth open, as if she is screaming. The blue skin of the character is smooth and slippery. and her hair is speckled with water droplets. See the full image below:

Na’vi Winslet’s character looks like she might be riding into battle, given the intensity of her expression in this image. However, the most notable aspect of the new Avatar 2 image is the stunning complexity of the water on the Na’vi’s body. Drops of hair water are almost surreally woven into the dark black hair of the character, falling on her face like real water. Such images make it difficult to understand that the water in the “Water Path” is really computer generated, given its hyper-realistic and carefully detailed quality.

If the visual effects artists’ comments on “Avatar 2” were not enough, Winslet’s image specifically demonstrates the impressive nature of the visual effects of “The Way of Water”. After all this time that has passed since the release of the original film, “Avatar” is accused of having lost its cultural significance. However, contrary to the claims of detractors, Cameron clearly has not lost his skill in creating visually appealing sci-fi films and working with talented visual effects teams. The growing world of Pandora and its various clans will be revealed soon when “Avatar: The Way of Water” hits theaters later this year.