The importance of learning every Legend in Apex Legends


Anyone who has played Apex Legends is bound to have a few favorite legends that they gravitate towards. Whether it’s because of these characters’ unique abilities, backstory, or how they fit into the meta of the game, players who spend some time with these legends are bound to find that they are just as well designed and well written as the characters. from other video games.

As of the thirteenth season of Apex Legends, Saviors, there are 21 playable legends. Not all of these legends can say they have abilities that are their own, but each character brings enough twist to the game’s formula that shakes it up and makes players excited before each new season. And while it’s nice for players to have their own personnel to choose from, it’s just as important that they take the time to learn how each of the Apex Legends characters plays.

Know your enemy

At the time of writing, there are four main types of legends. Offensive legends tend to have the most mobility and therefore usually provoke fights. Defensive legends are perfectly able to hold a certain area with the help of traps and shelters. Intelligence legends pinpoint the location of the following rings and provide important information, such as the location of the enemy. Finally, support legends help their squads by providing them with better equipment and (in the case of Lifeline) reviving them when they are defeated.

Not everyone will like all the styles of the legends game, but it will help players learn how they work. A ghost, for example, can temporarily become invincible thanks to its tactical ability Into the Void. This is an annoying ability that needs to be fought, but when players realize that activation takes a good 1.25 seconds, followed by a four-second window of invulnerability and a short time during which the Ghost cannot perform any other actions, then they can find ways to counter it. . The same can be said about the abilities of any other legend. The tactical ability of Gibraltar Dome of Protection, the passive ability of Valkyrie VTOL Jets — all these abilities have their strengths and weaknesses. Part of the fun of Apex Legends is learning how these abilities work and how to disable them if they are used by enemies.

Your new best friend

As for allies, knowing how each legend works can also be of great benefit to someone who has a specific legend in the squad. The newly released Newcastle, for example, pairs well with Rampart, whose Amped Cover tactical ability can be used to add firepower to the Castle Wall ultimate in Newcastle. The Newcastle Mobile Shield can also be used in combination with the Lifeline Combat Revive passive skill, which allows the squad controlling both legends to unofficially return the rebirth shield that Lifeline used to have. There are many useful combinations of legend abilities that can be of great benefit to the squad — combinations that players can learn by getting to know other legends.

Another advantage of playing with all the characters of Apex Legends is the pleasant surprise of finding a new favorite legend. People tend to reach for things that are familiar to them, but they can never really grow without trying something new. Octane players may not use any other legend because it makes others play slowly, but switching to Valkyrie or Horizon will allow them to experience the power of repositioning and verticality that Octane does not always possess. This could add another favorite character to the lists of these Octane players, making them more versatile and more valuable to their team.

Knowing the enemy and knowing your squad is an important part of Apex Legends. Although aiming and shooting are also integral, the correct distribution of legendary abilities and their combination is what distinguishes good units from bad ones. By taking the time to study each legend, players will deepen their knowledge of the game and become true Apex legends.

Apex Legends is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.