The idols surprise RM with an adorable birthday surprise


Through social media, RM’s fans shared the surprise that BTS idols did to the birthday boy.

Surprising! Through social networks, the fans and of course the ARMY of BTS, have been sharing various congratulations to the birthday boy RM, who celebrated his birthday very early, in the same way the other idols of the group made his a surprise.

The girls have waited for the big day to celebrate the best day of the South Korean rapper, who turned 26 years old, so on Twitter users have published adorable moments of the boy band leader, but the members of the group do not know they stayed behind to celebrate their great friend.

RM of the K-Pop band BTS, received various messages of congratulations from the ARMY and their great fans, but something that has caused a furor on social networks, is what the idols did, because they sang a happy birthday to him and surprised him with some amazing cakes.

RM and the surprise of BTS idols

In a Twitter account that is dedicated to the leader RM of the BTS band, it can be seen that members Jimin, Jungkook and J-Hope approached the birthday boy to surprise him with two delicious cakes to celebrate his birthday, while he was on a broadcast on alive.

The emotional and adorable moment caused emotion to the ARMY, who have wished several congratulations to one of the members of the successful South Korean group. In the clip it can be seen that the rapper blew out the candles, while the other idols applauded.

There is no doubt that RM from BTS is a great leader, as the ARMY has expressed, because in that video they shared on social networks, the great friendship he has formed with the other idols of the K- boy band could be appreciated. Pop. Did you like the surprise the other members gave you?



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