The Hunter: Call of the Wild, Free game on Epic Games Store


The Hunter: Call of the Wild, Players will be able to add this title to their library permanently, as well as a Gem Pack for Antstream.The new free video game from Epic Games Store is a hunting game. We refer, of course, to The Hunter: Call of the Wild, a product that all users can add to their library of games permanently. In addition, the company also offers a Gem Pack intended for Anstream, which can be used to play true retro classics. Both contents will be available until Thursday, December 2, when they are replaced by the following, Dead by Daylight and While True Learn [].

The Hunter allows users to immerse themselves “in an evocative and lively open world”, reflecting the realism of animals and flora. “Decide whether to hunt solo or join a hunt with your friends. Remember: you are not just visiting this world. You are part of it. The feeling when you finally get a glimpse of the beautiful antlers of your first deer in the undergrowth is indescribable ”, says the official description.

Expansive Worlds promises that they have reproduced the reserves in the most authentic way possible, making it possible to explore different regions of the world and enjoy different biomes. Each type of animal also has its own behavioral routines, which the hunter will do well to observe if he wants to be successful in his endeavor. Factors such as size, horn symmetry or weight can draw the line between success and failure.