The Hunt For Musicians Has Come to an End, As Snoop Dogg Is Not Ready to Perform at The Coronation of King Charles


The upcoming coronation of King Charles brings us new stories every day. While preparations for the momentous event are in full swing, the endless disputes and speculation that have engulfed the family are far from agreement. However, one aspect of the Crown’s countless problems has finally been resolved by peace. Making life easier for the palace, superstar Snoop Dogg becomes a musical savior for the coronation.

Given the West’s selective discomfort with the monarchy, various well-known performers declined the monarch’s invitation to a special performance on the Day of the Coronation in the church of the XI century. Leading music industry titans such as Adele, British Talents Harry Styles and former royal family performer Ed Sheeran refrained from participating in the event. In fact, Sir Elton John, who maintains a special alliance with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, also categorically denied speaking at the event.

However, the good news for the Crown is finally here. According to The Sun, Global Tap superstar Calvin Broadus Jr., also known as Snoop Dogg, has expressed great interest in making the royal stage his own. Although a number of stars refused to perform, Dogg insisted that “I’m going to perform at the coronation. Do it.”

Speaking about the late Queen, the rapper said he would be happy to pay tribute to “Queen Lizzie”. It’s no secret that the rapper has a special gratitude to the queen herself.

Why does Snoop Dogg love the royal family?

Therefore, it should also be noted that this is not the first time that the star has expressed its positive alliance with the monarchy of Great Britain. At one time, the late Queen Elizabeth herself issued an ordeal, allowing the rapper to stay in the Kingdom, since he was supposed to be expelled from the country on some charges. He recalled how the then monarch openly admitted that “her grandchildren loved Snoop Dogg.” And these grandchildren grew up and became Princes William and Prince Harry of Windsor.

Consequently, the royal family has long been a fan of the rapper. And that’s why the superstar is devoted to them with all her heart. “They love my music. There is mutual love and respect,” he said, expressing a desire to join the coronation.

How do you feel about the rapper’s connection with the royal family? Do you want to see Dogg perform at the event? Let us know in the comments below.


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