The human side of BTS and their talent for sharing emotion


The guys from BTS other than being colleagues are good friends, international coach David JP. Phillips reacted to iconic moments that idols lived together and this was his analysis.

Beyond The Scene is one of the most popular bands, perhaps the secret of their success is their group dynamics. The idols met years ago, they learned to form a strong family.

Many professionals studied the musical and creative works of the South Korean boy band from different perspectives, published their results, and astonished fans with their theories.

Through YouTube, speaker David JP Phillips posted a BTS reaction video, he analyzed the communication skills of the members, their group dynamics and the elements that led them to be one of the most important groups of today.


David JP Phillips explained that the substance oxytocin is created in the hypothalamus when people feel a special bond or see people sharing moments that bring them together:

That’s what happens between ARMY and BTS

The author defined the communication skills of the Bangtan Boys as excellent, he concluded by observing them living together in different aspects of their professional life and in activities for ARMY.

Phillips highlighted the sincerity of the ‘Dynamite’ performers, in the clips he examined, they did not try to suppress their emotions, they demonstrated their true feelings and communicated them to the audience.

He analyzed the video of BTS’s speech during the 2018 MAMA awards, he commented that all the magic happened thanks to a set of elements such as body language and verbal, they connected very well with the fans.


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