The Hulk Woman Reveals the story of “Abomination” after Shang Chi, Tim Roth Promises


Tim Roth, who plays Abomination in the MCU, confirms that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will tell what happens to his character after Shang-Chi. The Hulk Woman is an upcoming Marvel television series, the eighth MCU television series. It follows Jennifer Walters/The Hulk Woman (Tatiana Maslany), a lawyer who works on superhero-related cases. After being infected with the blood of her cousin Bruce Banner/The Smart Hulk, she becomes a Female Hulk. The show was created by Jessica Gao and stars Jamila Jamil, Roth and Mark Ruffalo along with Maslany.

Considering that Emil Blonsky, the human version of Abomination, appears in the trailer for The Hulk Woman, fans are speculating about his role in the upcoming series. The last time fans saw the Abomination was in a short scene in Shang Chi, when Shang Chi and Katie see Wong in a cage fighting the Abomination. While they are quarreling, it seems that they are on friendly terms. They intentionally don’t kill each other, and after the fight ends, Wong offers the Abomination a sip of water. Because the scene was so short, fans were eager to get more information about what was going on with Abomination and what role he would play in The Hulk Woman.

Roth exclusively tells Screen Rant that fans will finally get answers to questions about the Abomination when they watch The Hulk Woman. While his comments don’t reveal any spoilers, Roth makes it clear that he knows what Abomination has been doing since fans last saw him in Shang Chi. Check out Roth’s full quote below:

Speaking of the makeup world, you have a Female Hulk. The abomination is coming back, do you know what he’s been doing since we last saw him?

ROTH: Yes, I know.

Will we find out in “The Hulk Woman”?

ROTH: Yes, you know.

Before viewers saw how Abomination is portrayed in “Shang Chi,” it was easy to assume that when he fully returns to the MCU, his character will be a real villain. His only other appearance in the MCU is “The Incredible Hulk” (2008), where he plays the main villain of the Hulk and a truly hideous monstrous creature. But since he behaves and even looks completely different from the 2008 movie, it seems that his character has really changed.

Since the Hulk Woman was presented as a comedy, it’s possible that Abomination will be a more funny, slightly antagonistic character than he was in the past. And since Emil Blonsky is one of Jennifer’s clients, the characters will have many opportunities for meaningful and humorous interactions. Fans won’t have to wait long to see the Abomination return to the MCU, as the premiere of the movie “The Hulk Woman” will take place on August 17 on Disney+.


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