The Hulk Woman Makes a Big Hole in the “Doctor Strange” Phase 4 Plot Even Worse


Wong’s cameo of the Hulk Woman makes one particular hole in the MCU Phase 4 plot even more explicit. A brand new She-Hulk trailer released as part of the Marvel SDCC 2022 celebration, and if the intention was to divert the conversation away from Jennifer Walters’ CGI design with the help of an army of blockbusters, mission accomplished. In addition to Bruce Banner played by Mark Ruffalo and the Abomination of Tim Roth (both were introduced earlier), the trailer for She-Hulk SDCC 2022 features the torso of Daredevil Charlie Cox, as well as Benedict Wong playing the Supreme Wizard of the MCU, Wong.

Rudely arriving through a portal in the middle of Jennifer’s office, Wong mentions that he is responsible to a “higher power”, but this does not impress his new lawyer friend, who is more interested in the dark dimensions of American law than the issues of the multiverse. Wong, who is fast becoming Nick Fury in the Multiverse saga, doesn’t specify why he’s hiding in the Hulk Woman’s office, but Emil Blonsky is probably the main topic of discussion. Wong fought the Abomination in “Shang Chi” and “The Legend of the Ten Rings,” and now Jennifer Walters seems to be representing the villain in court. Wong most likely intervenes, fearing that Blonsky is dangerous and Jennifer should not trust him.

Wong’s cameo of the Hulk Woman makes sense. He has a history with Abomination, and the Archmage probably heard about Jennifer from his big Avenger buddy. However, Wong’s presence in “Hulk Woman” makes his absence elsewhere-especially in “Moon Knight”—even stranger. Stephen Grant and Honsou rewound the night sky before the giant clash between the literal gods began, and this is without taking into account the purple magic that Arthur Harrow scattered. With an abundance of deities and sorcery, the Moon Knight was the perfect place for Wong to lend a helping hand, but the Sanctum Sanctorum let the events of the Moon Knight slip away, and the Archmage seemed completely careless. And yet, oddly enough, Wong considers the situation with the Abomination worthy of his attention. No matter how bad Blonsky is, the ancient Egyptian gods who kill innocent people with dark magic are certainly a higher priority threat, and business sorcerers are usually associated with it.

Why didn’t Wong appear in Moon Knight?

Behind the scenes, Moon Knight has always been conceived as a completely independent Marvel series, deliberately avoiding close ties with the MCU. Several major episodes were even cut during production to support the Moon Knight’s self-contained philosophy (although the sorcerer was apparently not among them). The obvious disinterest of the Sanctum Sanctorum in Honshu and Ammit must ultimately be explained by the suspension of the moment of distrust — the question “why didn’t X appear during Y”, which inevitably arises in such a huge shared universe as the MCU, where every hero can be in every project.

The absence of Moon Knight Wong is much more difficult to explain from the point of view of the canon. Thor: Ragnarok has proven how well the sanctuaries sense the powerful creatures that descend to Earth, so there’s no chance they haven’t noticed Honsou and Ammit’s antics. Since Moon Knight and Red Scarab were completely unknown superheroes, Wong also couldn’t rely on them like Captain Marvel, the Warrior or Sam Wilson. Maybe it’s better for MCU viewers to assume that with so much Multiverse madness going on in Phase 4 (it’s not called the “Multiverse Saga” for nothing), Wong and Strange were busy with other things, while Mark, Steven and Layla saved the world. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” proved How far the Sanctuaries have stretched since Thanos’ defeat; Moon Knight may be one of those rare catastrophes that escaped their net.

Whatever excuse Wong chooses, the Female Hulk cameo doesn’t do him any favors. By taking the time to discuss the Abomination with Jennifer Walters, it can be assumed that Wong prefers personal grievances rather than threats that could affect Earth-616 on a global scale. Stephen Strange, at least, has an excuse — it’s always difficult to make an appointment with doctors — but, as the Supreme Wizard, Wong may want to pay a little more attention to Disney+ from now on.


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