The Hulk Woman Just Teased the Entry of the Main Marvel character into the MCU


The second episode of “The Hulk Woman” has just teased the appearance of the main character in the Marvel cinematic universe.

At the beginning of the episode, when Jen Walters is browsing a news website, there is a tiny mention of something in one of the headlines on the right side of the page that only sharp-eyed fans could notice on the first viewing.

The following paragraphs contain small spoilers for the second episode of the series “The Hulk Woman: Juried Lawyer” and for the finale of “Miss Marvel”.


#SheHulk #SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw

“Man fights with metal claws in a bar fight,” read the headline, a rather blatant hint that some version of Wolverine already exists in the MCU. Nothing else was said about it, and that mention wasn’t even the center of the scene, which only lasted a few seconds, but it’s clear that the X-Men teaser train left the Marvel Studios station.

He officially introduced the concept of X-Men or at least mutants in his previous Disney+ series “Miss Marvel”, mentioning in the series finale that there was something “similar to mutation” in the genes of the main character Kamala Khan. While it could mean anything in the universe with the Hulk, Super Soldiers, and so on, Marvel made the reference pretty explicit by playing the “X-Men: Animated Series” theme music over the top of the scene.

On the web page in the “Hulk Woman” there is also a joke at the expense of the MCU, in which it breaks away from the usual meme of the “Eternals”, which reads: “Why is there a giant statue of a man sticking out of the ocean.”

The first true comedy sitcom from Marvel Studios is still a success, as IGN said it was great in our reviews of the first and second episode, most recently commenting that “The Hulk Woman. Episode 2 provides a great balance between important issues and sitcom fun.” .”

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