The Hulk Woman Hides a Secret That Could Turn the Avengers Against Her


Warning! Spoilers for She-Hulk #5 from Marvel Comics

The unexpected return of a fallen hero can lead to a serious conflict between the Hulk Woman and the Avengers. In Marvel Comics’ She-Hulk #5, Jennifer Walters struggles to tell the Jack of Hearts what really happened during his shocking death, as the returning hero is unaware that he accidentally killed Scott Lang when he met his own demise. The secret that the Hulk Woman knows that Jack has returned, and which she keeps to herself, can lead to the fact that the Greatest Heroes of the Earth will turn away from her and lose confidence in her.

After being dead in comics for more than a decade, the Jack of Hearts unexpectedly returned in the current Marvel Comics Hulk Woman series, where the radioactive hero was saved by a mysterious force for unknown reasons. Jennifer Walters helps him find his new normal. She befriends Jack while trying to figure out how he came back from the dead after previously being killed in an explosion at the Avengers Mansion that killed Scott Lang. However, the longer she keeps the secret of Jack’s return, the more likely it is that the Avengers will turn against the Hulk Woman.

In “Hulk Woman #5,” Rainbow Rowell’s Luca Maresca, Rico Renzi, Joe Caramagna of Venture Capital and Jen Bartel, Jennifer Walters and the Jack of Hearts go to dinner, where the couple discusses his return. The Hulk woman struggles to tell Jack what really happened when he died in the Avengers Mansion, where he exploded and killed Scott Lang. She realizes that eventually she will need to tell him about why he is most famous for what happened after his death. In the end, the secret eats the Hulk Woman as she can’t decide how to tell him the truth.

Telling the Jack of Hearts about his explosive death and the murder of Scott Lang is not as easy as it might seem for a Female Hulk. Not only does the secret have a chance to explode in her face and turn her fellow Avengers against her for hiding it from them, but it can also lead to Jack being so upset by this news that he disappears in the hope of not hurting anyone. . Of course, Jennifer Walters wants to tell him the truth, but this will entail immediate consequences, so she carefully approaches how she will eventually connect this topic.

Given her recent breakup with the Avengers, the Hulk Woman doesn’t want to make enemies out of her former teammates, but until she finds out what happened to the Jack of Hearts and how he returned, it’s best to keep the secret of his return. actions for the hero. Hopefully, for Jennifer Walters, the Avengers won’t find out the truth before she’s ready to tell them what’s really going on. She-Hulk #5 from Marvel Comics is already in comic book stores.


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