The Hulk woman. Episode 2: Wolverine’s Easter Egg


It’s only a matter of time before the X-Men come to the MCU in full force, especially after fans saw Professor X Patrick Stewart in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Kamala Khan turned out to be a mutant in Miss Marvel. It is not known when this will happen, as there are not many mentions in Marvel’s current plans for the X-Men for the current and upcoming phases, but after that there may well be a possibility. However, Easter eggs are funny for one reason, since they have little reason to wait, as the realities of mutant production and integration have to.

In She-Hulk there is one such Easter egg dedicated to the beloved mutant Wolverine. As many fans know, he’s as iconic as anyone under the X-Men banner, and he’ll probably be a leading figure when the X-Men arrive. The Hulk woman, on the other hand, talks about how Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters is exposed to his blood and, like her cousin, adopts Hulking’s alter ego. As the series continues to air on Disney Plus, it’s hard to see how Walters’ story will eventually end, but in the last episode she was looking for and agreeing to a new job. This job search turned out to be rich in Easter eggs.

While Walters from She-Hulk is looking for a job, fans can catch a glimpse of her computer screen. There are a number of links that are easy to identify, for example, a direct link to Ant-Man, a web page about Scandinavian mythology, probably referring to Thor, and a link to the cult Avengers team. There is even an advertisement for shoes based on Iron Man, and under this advertisement there are two interesting “links”.

There is a link called “A man fights with metal claws in a bar fight.” Getting into a bar fight is exactly what Wolverine needs (and interestingly, it’s similar to Logan in Marvel’s only Insomniac Wolverine trailer). Metal claws completes this as a reference to Wolverine, whose existence is more or less confirmed in the MCU.

It should be noted that Easter eggs should often be considered as such and nothing more. While this would seem to hint that Wolverine would eventually appear in the MCU, it was bound to happen anyway, and it may or may not be how they present it. Easter eggs are simple nods, and sometimes they can be really weird. At first glance, one Easter egg suggests that the Final Fantasy blitzball still exists in Star Wars. However, any Easter egg referring to the X-Men excites fans.

The second article recognizes the events of the Eternals, which occupy a strange place in the MCU. This is one of the outsiders of the current stage, who presented several interesting ideas, however, seemingly unrelated to the general scheme of things. It’s unclear what the future of the Eternals will be in the MCU, but at least Wolverine’s Easter egg in the form of a Female Hulk is promising for the X-Men.

Episodes of She-Hulk are released every Thursday on Disney Plus.


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