The “Hulk Woman” director Shares Excitement about Daredevil’s inclusion in the show


The premiere of “The Hulk Woman” in just a couple of weeks is dedicated to the arrival of Jennifer Walters in the MCU, but for many fans it was the appearance of a familiar face that most impressed after the release of the new trailer for the series at San Diego Comic-Con, this is Charlie Cox’s Daredevil.

In addition to Cox, Mark Ruffalo will also play his signature Bruce Banner role as he tries to introduce his cousin to all the attributes of the Hulk, which Tatiana Maslany’s character doesn’t seem to have a problem with, judging by her. – The Hulk trailer. Until now, “The Hulk Woman” was conceived and marketed as a legal comedy, very different from any other Marvel Studios production, and this was one of the topics touched upon by its director and actors at Comic-Con.

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In an exclusive interview with some of the show’s most prominent faces, Entertainment Weekly spoke with press director Kat Coiro about some of the most frequently asked topics about the Hulk Woman, including how its creators dealt with the character’s anger issues from a female perspective, her day-to-day affairs as a lawyer, or her ambiguous outlook. Simply put, Coiro expressed her excitement about Cox’s return, saying, “How can there be a legal comedy and there won’t be a Daredevil in it?” assuring fans that he will definitely become a public favorite, even if she can’t tell more about the role for fear of being targeted by Marvel Studios police.

The role of Daredevil is not entirely clear, as is whether Cox will be shown only as a superhero or also as a fellow lawyer of Walters, as he did in Spider-Man.: no way home,” but the trailer did confirm that he would be wearing his more colorful yellow comic book costume. As for the aesthetics of the Hulk Woman, Coiro said it’s crucial to keep Walters’ appearance “realistic” because at 6 feet 7 inches tall, she’s still in the realm of real women and their own experiences.

Considering the many tall models and cosplayers who swung at Lady Dimistrescu from Resident Evil Village, it’s fair to say that the proportions of the Hulk Woman actually correspond more to reality than the proportions of the Hulk, and perhaps that’s why Marvel fans were more picky about her. – Computer graphics of Hulk or Jamila Jamil look like Titania than in other Disney Plus shows. Oddly enough, despite the fact that most people are familiar with Deadpool as a chatty fourth antihero who destroys walls, the Hulk Woman used the same resource before the mercenary with the mouth did it, as Coiro pointed out.

There are a lot of questions about what the Hulk Woman series will be like, and yet for many fans, the Daredevil slots in the MCU will be much more important, especially now that it is confirmed that the superhero will get his own longer series in 2024.

“The Hulk Woman” will begin airing on Disney Plus on August 18, 2022.


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